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Coto Bajo Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Gurmé Córdoba Awards 2023

Gurmé Córdoba Awards sponsorship Coto Bajo Olive Oil

Coto Bajo is proud to sponsor the Gurmé Córdoba 2023 Awards, highlighting the essential role of Extra Virgin olive oil in Cordoba's gastronomy. This golden elixir is the common thread of flavors in the kitchen. Join us in this culinary celebration and discover our EVOOs.

Our relationship with GURMÉ Córdoba reached its peak in April, when we had the honor of contributing to a special edition dedicated to the exquisite gastronomy of our beloved city. This publication is a feast for lovers of good food, with exclusive interviews, captivating reports and a complete directory of recommended establishments. From restaurants that pay homage to traditional cuisine to places that explore new dimensions in creative cuisine with olive oil as the protagonist, the magazine is an essential guide to enter the culinary world of Cordoba.

The essential role of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Gurmé Cordoba Awards and Coto Bajo olive oil sponsorship

However, our participation in this culinary event transcends beyond the pages of the magazine. Coto Bajo is proud to sponsor the delivery of the Gurmé Córdoba 2023 Awards, a recognition of the tireless dedication of hospitality professionals in our city. And, in this context, there is one component that we cannot fail to mention: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the liquid gold of Cordoban cuisine.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fundamental pillar in the cuisine of Cordoba and all of Spain. It is the perfect dressing, the final touch that elevates any dish to excellence. Chefs, in their constant search for quality, know that the choice of the best Extra Virgin olive oil is essential to carry out their culinary creations. Therefore, it is the common thread that weaves the richness of flavors in the dishes and is a proud representative of the gastronomic heritage of our region.

Coto Bajo and its commitment to excellence

Gurmé 2023 awards poster Coto Bajo olive oil

For this reason, the presence of Coto Bajo in an event of this nature is a must. Our commitment to the promotion of gastronomic culture is manifested in the quality and authenticity of our Extra Virgin olive oil. With this collaboration, we are not only supporting passion and excellence in the kitchen, but we are also an integral part of it.

The Gurmé Córdoba 2023 Awards are in the middle of the voting process, and this edition includes categories such as:

  1. Best Traditional Cuisine Restaurant.
  2. Best Restaurant of the Province.
  3. Best Creative Cuisine Restaurant.
  4. Best Bar-Taverna of Traditional Cuisine.
  5. Best Bar-Taverna of the Province.
  6. Best Bar-Taverna of Creative Cuisine.

Cordovan food lovers have the opportunity to express their support for their favorite places and contribute to the election of the winners in these categories by entering here until November 19.

Explore our variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oils

At Coto Bajo, we are eager to continue promoting Córdoba's rich culinary tradition, celebrating excellence in cooking and highlighting the crucial role of Extra Virgin olive oil in every recipe. This golden elixir is a testament to our heritage, and we are proud to be part of an event that puts it center stage.

Join us in this culinary celebration and make your voice heard by casting your vote in the GURMÉ Córdoba 2023 Awards. Explore the special edition of GURMÉ Córdoba to discover even more reasons to love Cordoban cuisine. At Coto Bajo, we are delighted to continue supporting passion, quality and excellence in local gastronomy.

To discover our variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) that will make a difference in your dishes, visit our website at And if you want to know more about the impact that Extra Virgin olive oil has on gourmet cuisine, visit our article ¡Buen provecho! 🍽️

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