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EVOO to improve allergy symptoms

Spring is a time of light and colour. After winter, the temperatures soften, the days get longer and, all this, invites to go out and enjoy. However, people who suffer from spring allergies, do not see this season in such an idyllic way.

Rhinitis, dry cough, watery eyes... Spring allergies can make a person's daily life very uphill. For this reason, it seems to us fantastic news that several studies have concluded that certain components of EVOO can be used to fight the annoying symptomatology of allergies.

Did you know that, according to several studies, EVOO could help improve allergy symptoms? Olive extract and polyphenols may have antihistamine properties. That, together with the anti-inflammatory capacity of extra virgin olive oil (remember! We will tell you about it here), makes EVOO a great ally against the adverse effects of allergies.

Olive extracts have already been shown to act as antihistamines by blocking histamine receptors. This, coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties, makes researchers speculate that they may curb allergy symptoms.

According to several studies (the last one published in Immunobiology), hydroxytyrosol in olive oil extract has been shown to be the most powerful antioxidant in nature in vitro. For this reason, its ability to provoke an immune response to one of the main allergens of Parietaria pollen (Par j 1) -one of the most common allergenic molecules in the Mediterranean region- was investigated in healthy volunteers.

Studies in this regard have not yet finished. According to the researchers, more is needed to be able to elaborate and establish what pharmacological mechanics can be developed to use hydroxytyrosol as a nutrient for the prevention of allergies, in addition to its use (already approved) as a preventive element against oxidation.

While waiting for the investigations to continue, the conclusions reached by the professionals who have carried out the studies already published, are summarized in the sense that this "expands the opportunities for the therapeutic applications of olive oil to a completely new horizon."

Good news then, for all those who suffer in the spring season from these uncomfortable symptoms that cause allergies. A new step to fight and prevent them! For our part, we are proud that olive oil does its bit in this advance.

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