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The importance of olive groves for biodiversity conservation

Do you know what "biodiversity" is? That is the first question we have to ask ourselves to understand why it is so important to talk about it. With this word, we refer to the group of plants and animals that live in a specific area thanks to the conditions it provides, allowing these species to develop easily in an environment that is ideal for them.

Olive groves provide an ideal refuge for groups of species such as plants, ants, birds and bees. For example, in our olive grove, extraordinarily rich in biodiversity, we can find birds such as the crested lark, owlets, herons, pheasants and partridges... among many others. Wild boars, foxes or rabbits also amble along the olive grove. And, in addition, beekeepers place their hives in our fields, thus obtaining unique campaign honeys in terms of high quality and purity. In a place with such a variety of soils and fauna, biodiversity is the leader.

You will have already realized how important it can be to take care of certain spaces, so that the species that need them to live can correctly develop. But what if we also tell you that the conservation of biodiversity is especially important for the existence of human beings? All these species and their way of life provide us with a great source of resources, so it is essential to offer care to these spaces in a sustainable way. Caring for ecosystems is key to well-being… And for the proper development of the planet! In Andalusia alone, we have around one and a half million hectares dedicated to olive groves. This represents a plus in the sustainability of biodiversity that provides a positive expectation for the future.

 For all this, our main value is to carry out an agriculture that takes care of the environment and that encourages these areas to continue to be adequate to encourage the species that need them to enjoy them... How? With great affection and thinking, not only of a high-quality EVOO production, but also that everything derived from our work can favour nature and, with it, the development of the planet.

And we do just not say it. It is a verified and studied fact. The “LIFE Olivares Vivos” program, coordinated by SEO/BirdLife, has recently demonstrated the importance of olive growing for the conservation of the European biodiversity. The main conclusions of this study were that the olive grove harbours a remarkable diversity of flora and fauna and has a great potential to recover the loss of years ago. In fact, the study of this NGO, even revealed the discovery of a new botanical species, called "Linaria qartoivensis", totally unknown until now. This discovery, important worldwide, was carried out in the field of Córdoba.

All this motivates us to continue as up to now. To carry out our work as farmers with the deepest affection for everything that surrounds us, taking care of the environment and cultivating in a sustainable way, to produce our olive oils with the greatest care for quality and care for others.

And now that you know about the importance of the biodiversity that olive groves bring to our planet, what about supporting the olive market? Better for you, better for everyone, better for the planet!

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