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Deciphering the secrets of itchiness in olive oil: Influence of polyphenols

Itching when consuming olive oil is a familiar experience for many. It can cause sensations in the mouth and throat that vary from a slight tingling to a more intense itching. But what exactly causes this phenomenon? At Coto Bajo, we continue to unravel the mysteries of liquid gold, explaining the origins of itching and whether this attribute can be considered a positive or negative quality.

Understanding the itch

What is itching in olive oil?

This is one of the sensory attributes evaluated in olive oil tastings, along with bitterness and fruitiness. It refers to the sensation perceived at the end of the tongue and in the throat, indicating the intensity of the product's spiciness. Although some palates may find it challenging, it is considered a virtue and positively valued by experts.

Influence of polyphenols

The pungency of olive oil is closely related to the presence of polyphenols. These compounds, responsible for bitterness and pungency, are indicators of high quality and stability of extra virgin olive oil, obtained by cold extraction. Polyphenols offer multiple health benefits and protect the oil against oxidation.

Olive varieties and pungency

Impact of olive variety on oil pungency

picor extra virgin olive oil coto bajo

The olive variety also influences the intensity of the spiciness. For example, varieties such as Picual, Manzanilla and Hojiblanca provide a stronger flavor, while Arbequina, Picudo and Royal produce a milder oil. However, the intensity of the pungency does not necessarily determine the quality of the oil, as there are equally valued mild options.

If you want to know more: Types of olives for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Spain

Explore the intensity of olive oil pungency

Experience the intense sensations

coto bajo extra virgin olive oil extra virgin olive oil

If you are looking for strong emotions, our Noble Picual variety, with its marked character and early harvest, is an ideal choice for your adventurous palate. Discover the intensity of this Extra Virgin olive oil in first person with our products available in Coto Bajo's online store.

In summary, the sharpness in olive oil is a complex phenomenon influenced by the presence of polyphenols and the olive variety. Although it can be perceived differently by each individual, it is an appreciated characteristic that adds a distinctive touch to the liquid gold.

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