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Coto Bajo bets on local gastronomy in the Gurmé Awards 2023

Coto Bajo sponsor Gurmé Córdoba Awards

Last Monday, December 18, Coto Bajo had the honor of being one of the sponsors of the eighth edition of the prestigious Gurmé Córdoba Awards, a gala that celebrates and recognizes gastronomic excellence in the province. This event, organized by the ABC de Córdoba newspaper, brought together leading representatives of the hospitality sector, local authorities and lovers of good food in the elegant central courtyard of the Hospes Palacio del Bailío hotel.

Commitment to local gastronomy

Coto Bajo sponsor Gurmé Córdoba Awards

As a sponsor, Coto Bajo reaffirmed its commitment to the promotion and preservation of the authentic culinary tradition of the province of Córdoba. We firmly believe in the importance of supporting the art of local cuisine and contributing to the outstanding moment that Cordoba's gastronomy is experiencing.

The evening of the awards

Gurmé Córdoba and Coto Bajo Awards

The gala was attended by twelve establishments recognized in six categories, both by popular vote on the web and by a professional jury. The awards ceremony was an exciting moment, full of joy and recognition of the significant contribution of each establishment to the gastronomic panorama of the region.

Well-deserved awards

Coto Bajo was pleased to present the award for best Traditional Bar-Tavern, voted by the public, to Taberna El Coto. This recognition highlights the quality and authenticity of the gastronomic proposal of this establishment with 50 years of history. 

One of the curiosities of the place is that its menu has not changed since the 70's, except for adding some dishes. They have game meat during the season, except for wild boar in sauce, which is available all year round. Now, and for a few months, diners can also enjoy partridges encebolladas, partridges with beans (stew on request) and venison loin or "venao".

Continuous commitment

Coto Bajo sponsor Gurmé Córdoba Awards

In the words of Isabel Aguilar, journalist of Gurmé, these awards consolidate its position after eight years of recognition, and thanked the collaboration of all the sponsoring firms, including Coto Bajo. Francisco J. Poyato, director of ABC Córdoba, highlighted the economic value of the restaurant industry in Córdoba and the anonymous contribution of those who make the rise of local cuisine possible.

A look into the future

Salvador Fuentes, president of the Cordoba Provincial Council, recognized the role of ABC and Gurmé in the visibility of those who make the Cordoba hospitality industry great. He expressed support for those who wish to undertake projects in favor of the culinary tradition and tourism in the region.

Awards for excellence

The awards ceremony included outstanding establishments such as Taberna El Coto, Casa Luis, Misa de 12, Restaurante Montevideo Steak House, La Alquería, La Vidabella, El Bosque and La Sastrería, among others. These awards reinforce the commitment to quality and creativity in the local gastronomic offer.

At Coto Bajo, we proudly celebrate the success of Cordoba's gastronomy in the Gurmé Awards 2023. We will remain committed to supporting local talent and preserving the culinary traditions that make Cordoba an unparalleled gastronomic destination. Join us on this
journey full of flavors and discoveries!


We invite you to continue exploring the wonders of gastronomy, agriculture and, of course, Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our blog. Discover more about the experiences and flavors that make
the province of Cordoba unique. Discover how to pair different dishes and foods with Extra Virgin olive oil and other interesting articles in our blog.

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Cover image: Valerio Merino

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