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Committed to the creation of economic, environmental and social value in our town, Cordoba (Andalusia).

Social Responsibility


At Coto Bajo we contribute to the improvement and progress of present and future generations, through actions that benefits the development and support of different groups and stakeholders.

Sport and healthy habits

We collaborate with the Cordoba Trotacalles Athletics School and its work in training, supporting and promoting this sport. We understand that physical activity contributes to the development of values such as tolerance, respect, discipline and responsibility, in addition to promoting the empowerment of youth and women. We also see sport as a way that offers the possibility of integrating people in vulnerable situations. Therefore, we always keep in mind what physical exercise contributes in terms of health, education and inclusion.  

Social responsibility Coto bajo
woman picking olives in the olive grove of coto bajo

Labour integration of women

We promote the incorporation of women in rural work, industry and farm management. For this reason, we collaborate with the Emilio Canalejo School of Higher Education (Montilla) and its training course of Medium Technical Degree in Olive Oils. Specifically with the project "We are prepared (it was always like that),whose objective is the labour integration of women in olive oil mills.

Women are part of our workforce in field tasks and farm machinery management, as well as in the management and direction of agro-industrial exploitation.

Córdoba Food Bank

These include the Medina Azahara Food Bank (Cordoba) and the donation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to associations that carry out essential social work in Cordoba, providing food to families in need and at risk of social exclusion.

Coto Bajo and the Medina Azahara food bank