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Project with students in Coto Bajo

oil and education in Coto Bajo

Last November, we attended a session at our farm where the combination of Extra Virgin olive oil and education culminated with incredible results. The Advantere University of Madrid carried out a Marketing project based on the Project Based Learning (PBL) methodology in collaboration with Coto Bajo. This project was an integral part of the Marketing Management and Operations Management academic subjects that are part of the International Management master's degree, providing students with a practical and meaningful experience.

oil and education

The PBL methodology, Project Based Learning, stands out for the implementation of authentic and relevant projects that reflect real-world situations. In this case, Advantere students immersed themselves in the fascinating world of Extra Virgin olive oil, addressing challenges of the Coto Bajo market and brand.

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Collaboration and skills development

Collaboration among students is a central feature of PBL. Working in teams fosters essential skills such as teamwork, communication and collaboration, all of which are essential in the professional environment. At Coto Bajo, the students not only presented exceptional results, but demonstrated great talent and unwavering dedication during their visit to the farm.

From theory to practice: Experience in the Coto Bajo olive grove

oil and education

The visit to the Coto Bajo farm offered students the unique opportunity to witness the olive harvesting process "in-situ". By touring the olive grove and visiting the mill in full operation, students gained a practical understanding of the production cycle of the precious olive juice.

Olive oil and education: Extraordinary results

In December, the students presented their work at Advantere's facilities, in front of Coto Bajo's Management and Marketing Manager. The results were exceptional, highlighting the commitment and talent of the students. The marketing and operations plans provided specific recommendations to drive Coto Bajo's market and brand development, showing a deep and applied understanding of the academic concepts.

Coto Bajo Oil: Committed to education and academic collaboration

Coto Bajo reaffirms its commitment to academia and the training of future managers. The company will always be willing to support educational projects and collaborate with students seeking to apply their knowledge in real-world environments. The collaboration with Advantere is just one example of Coto Bajo's ongoing commitment to education and the training of tomorrow's leaders.

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Conclusion: A Bright Future for Education and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Industry

Coto Bajo and Universities. Extra virgin olive oil

The collaboration between Advantere and Coto Bajo highlights the importance of connecting academic learning with market reality. The students have not only demonstrated their ability to tackle real challenges, but have also left a lasting impression on Coto Bajo with their talent and dedication. This project reflects a valuable synergy between higher education and industry, paving the way for a bright future for both students and innovation in Extra Virgin olive oil production.

If you are interested in visiting our farm and know first hand everything related to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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Note: Coto Bajo thanks Advantere University and the students for their significant contribution to this project and looks forward to future collaboration opportunities.

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