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Homegrown Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honey

Olive growers and olive oil producers since 1989

We grow olives in harmony with our natural environment and produce extra virgin olive oil and pure honey from bees, aware of the importance of preserving the quality of natural products and bringing them to the consumer.

Coto Bajo`s olive oil is a polyphenol rich oil with minimum acidity and well-balanced positive attributes. Our olive grove ecosystem makes a marvellous place for beekeepers to produce pure field flower honey.    

Effort and tradition

Years of experience and observation of our olive groves, identifying the influence that the ecosystem has on their development, have led us to give priority to natural agricultural techniques in their cultivation, thus producing extra virgin olive oils of high quality and food safety.

Working in balance with nature, without the use of pesticides, pesticides or polluting agents, facilitates the richness of biodiversity in our olive grove, making it an ideal place for the bees that feed on the wild flowers that surround it.  

harvesting olives
olive leaf

"Nature is our passion, taking care of it our commitment and dedicating ourselves to agriculture to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil is our contribution."

Christina Fischer
CEO / Coto Bajo S.A.

Our product

In Coto Bajo we produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from healthy homegrown olives 

Olives from the Coto Bajo olive grove

The olives are harvested at their optimum moment of ripeness, and in less than two hours we mill them in our mill under a strict control of hygienic and health conditions.

Always at room temperature without any additives.

virgin olive oil extraction

Once we have obtained our high quality EVOO , sensorially flawless, essentially green fruity and slightly spicy with low acidity, we focus on preserving as intact as possible the physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the product that we have carefully cultivated throughout the year.

Olive oil how to make it

For its better preservation, we only bottle on request, while the oil waits in a stainless steel cellar under controlled temperature.

In this way, our production process allows us to guarantee the quality and traceability of our oils, from the tree to the consumer's table.

kirikini kirikini
kirikini kirikini
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It is an exquisite extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality at a very good price in relation to its competitors. The fact that they produce their own olive oil gives me confidence. The shipment was fast and without incident.
Adriá Carrasco
Adriá Carrasco
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It is nice to find local products of such high quality. It has been a real discovery. And the customer service through the web could not have been faster and better.
leo bersabe onetti
leo bersabe onetti
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Super fast delivery and very good quality oil. At home, since we tried it we don't want another one, when it runs out we order again.
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Magnificent oil, perfect attention and the overall service surrounding the purchase was 10. Congratulations!!!
F. Javier Payán Somet
F. Javier Payán Somet
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A very well structured page with very interesting information. Not to mention that the oil, the traditional 5 liters, is excellent. We have been buying it for many years and we use it for everything. The mono varietals, to give us a tribute!!!!


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