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We grow picual, arbequina, hojiblanca and pajarera olive varieties.

Our Oils



We are suppliers of high-quality extra virgin olive oil for national and international bottlers and distributors, to whom we offer our product in bulk format.

Once we have obtained our high quality oil, sensorially flawless, essentially green fruity, slightly spicy and with low acidity, we focus our efforts on preserving as intact as possible the physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the product that we have carefully cultivated throughout the year.

At the beginning of the season, we select the olive plots that meet the attributes that characterize our Coto Bajo premium quality extra virgin olive oil in order to bottle it and deliver directly to the final consumer the best of our field. Available in our online store

Picual variety

The main characteristics of this variety are its high proportion of oleic fatty acid (the most valued for its beneficial effects on health) and its high stability index (which allows it to be better preserved over time). In our Noble Picual EVOO, both qualities converge. An extra virgin olive oil from early harvest, balanced, green, fruity and medium punget, which evokes aromas of grass and fig tree.

Arbequina variety

The extra virgin olive oil obtained from the arbequina olive variety has a marked fruity aromatic character with little accentuated bitterness and pungency. Its qualities make it less stable (less capacity of conservation in time) and more sensitive to light and temperature changes. Our AOVE Delicada Arbequina is an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality and early harvesting with nuances reminiscent of apple, tomato and fresh grass.

Coto Bajo Tradition

Extra virgin olive oil made with all the olive varieties of our olive grove(picual, arbequina, pajarera and hojiblanca). To assemble it, our oil mill master follows rigorous and constant organoleptic and quality criteria over time in order to obtain similar aromas, flavors and characteristics in each campaign. An EVOO with which we feel identified and which characterizes us. Its taste, aroma, quality and versatility, make our customers loyal, since it becomes the perfect ingredient to be used both raw and in cooking.

Coto Bajo Ecological Special Selection

Organic extra virgin olive oil, a coupage of varieties that we have tasted and selected to create a balanced oil that is ideal for vegetable dishes, creams and sauces.

Sourced from our organic olive grove, grown according to strict organic farming guidelines and endorsed by the Control Authority to ensure that both the olives and the oil extracted are completely free of chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Orange blossom and wildflower honey

In the months of March to the end of April, the Province of Córdoba is characterized by the delicate aroma of orange blossom due to the orange blossom season. It is during these months when the beekeeper, once the harvesting of the Sierra honey is finished, moves the hives to the areas where citrus fruits are cultivated, near Coto Bajo.

From May to June the hives are moved to the countryside so that the bees can release the different wild flowers that decorate the olive groves and fields of the Cordoba countryside during the spring months. In our olive grove the family of beekeepers places more than 200 hives during those dates. They do not let us know their exact location so as not to disturb them and, once they are full, they move them to the extraction center to obtain, by natural process, the honey that we then bottle upon request.

Committed to the Environment´s sustainable development, we always apply the best environmental cultivation practices.