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Committed to the sustainable development of the environment, we apply the best agricultural techniques in our cultivation.

Sustainable Production


In Coto Bajo we produce our EVOO applying agricultural and production techniques in accordance with the Integrated Production System and the Organic Production certification.

Sustainable production of extra virgin olive oil in an organic preserve

Mechanisms of
Natural Regulation

We use natural regulation mechanisms that provide added value to the product, both in its production process as well as in its preparation and transformation processes. Thus, we respond to the consumers agriculture production ecosystem conservation demands and to the reduction of pollutants, in order to consume products obtained from natural processes with the maximum food safety and nutritional value.

Our main purpose is to take care of the Environment, so we optimize the use of our resources in its favour, incorporating part of the pruning remains into the soil and producing organic soil amendments and biomass with the olive pomace.


Circular Economy

What is the olive made of? 20% is olive oil and the other 80% is mass and pit.

At Coto Bajo, we separate the mass from the pit to give each one a different use:

The mass (olive pomace) is transported to our Composting Plant, where, together with the remains of the pruning, we produce organic amendment, which we later incorporate to our olive grove soil

With the olive pit, we produce heat. We use a part of the pit obtained from the oil production as heat energy in our facilities. The remaining amount goes to the biomass or cosmetics sector, among others.

sustainable production under agriculture