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Olive growers since 1989

Who we are

We are a family-owned agricultural company dedicated to olive growing and production of superior quality extra virgin olive oil in the province of Cordoba, Andalusia.

In 1989 we began our journey as olive growers and in 2001 we decided to make the leap to the processing industry with our own oil mill in order to mill our freshly harvested olives and thus preserve all their freshness and natural quality.
A high production capacity together with maximum attention to the agricultural techniques and to the transformation and production processes, allow us to guarantee the quality and traceability of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in order to satisfy the demanding needs of our customers, packers and national and international distributors.


coto bajo olivares who we are

We are located in the Guadalquivir River countryside, a privileged viewpoint from which we can contemplate the Castle of Almodóvar del Río and the foothills of Sierra Morena.

Our olive grove, rich in biodiversity, allows us to enjoy birds such as crested lark, small owls, herons, pairs of pheasants and partridges, among other birds, which have found their home in our crops. Rabbits and foxes are also among the animals we often encounter in our olive farm.

The natural management of our field, attracts beekeepers to place their hives in our olive grove, obtaining unique country honeys of high quality and purity.

This unique place in the world for its climate, variety of soils and fauna, motivates us as farmers to take special care of the environment, to sustainably cultivate our olive grove and to produce our olive oils with the greatest care for quality.