Pairing dishes and foods with extra virgin olive oil

Pairing with Coto Bajo olive oil

Discover the art of pairing Coto Bajo's exceptional Extra Virgin olive oil with a variety of foods and recipes. From the intensity of Picual with cheeses and cured meats to the smoothness of Arbequina in grilled vegetable dishes, and the versatility of Hojiblanca with marinated meats, our olive oil takes your dishes to another level. Plus, find tips to enhance your culinary creations and explore more amazing recipes on our blog. The world of culinary pairings awaits you, discover it with us!

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The Early Harvest in the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early harvesting is essential to obtain the highest quality extra virgin olive oil (aove). This process involves harvesting the olives before they are fully ripe, resulting in an aove with a higher concentration of antioxidants, a fresh and fruity flavor, lower acidity and an intense aroma. Enter this publication for more information about early harvest extra virgin olive oil.

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Exploring the relationship between EVOO and the Mediterranean diet

Relationship between EVOO and the Mediterranean Diet: Coto Bajo

Immerse yourself in the relationship between EVOO and the Mediterranean diet, an ancestral link that embodies the essence of health and wellness. Discover how Coto Bajo EVOO fuses with culinary tradition to provide you with a path to a healthy lifestyle. Explore the multiple benefits of this golden elixir and how you can incorporate it into your daily life, from cooking to your personal care routines. Coto Bajo invites you to embark on a journey to wellness through the timeless relationship between EVOO and the Mediterranean diet.

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